Jijo-Moving towards an inclusive world

Jijo is an artist, illustrator, photographer, and drummer with Down Syndrome, who has been internationally featured and awarded for his work. He represents his brand Art of My Optimus in everything that he does. His goal in life is to someday work as a concept artist in animation studios like Disney-Pixar, DreamWorks, etc. His immense tenacity to consistently attempt at mastering the craft and to never give up has made him do things that take the world by surprise.

Recently the motorcycle brand Ultraviolette signed up Jijo for a project to showcase their product. Check out the details here.

Currently, Art of My Optimus is working towards setting up a source of livelihood for Jijo with the work that he puts out, while also sharing his journey through all forms of media to inspire everyone and raise awareness about the capabilities of such individuals, which can be honed if they are included/trained/educated well by the society.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & YouTube: @artofmyoptimus LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/jijodas